Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning
  • Complete Kitchen Deep Cleans
  • Canopies Walls, Floors, Ceilings
  • All Kitchen Equipment
  • Grease Filters
  • Risk Assessments
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Programmes to ensure compliance with current regulation requirements
  • Certificate of Completion

Fire and food safety incidents are obvious risks to health and lives.

A professional cleaning programme helps reduce these risks, prolong the life of equipment, and improve staff morale by demonstrating a commitment to a safe and clean working environment.

We offer a fast, efficient and affordable solution to the cleaning of all catering environments to ensure compliance with ever-increasing hygiene and safety legislation

Routine Kitchen Cleaning

The cleaning and maintenance of kitchens should allow the highest standards of hygiene to be maintained. All surfaces coming into contact with food must be disinfected.

This will be achieved largely by effective cleaning and in part by the use of heat or chemical sterilisers.

Your daily cleaning schedule will take care of the routine cleaning of dishes and kitchenware (crockery, cutlery, glass, food preparation equipment and utensils), and walls, floors and kitchen furniture.

There will come a time for a really Deep Down Cleaning

However, no matter how effective the daily cleaning, there will be a progressive accumulation of soil, particularly grease, on less accessible surfaces, notably canopies, ducts, light fittings, floors and walls behind equipment, ceilings and upper half of walls.

The removal of this accumulated soiling requires deep cleaning usually undertaken at three or six-monthly intervals.

The operation generally requires the services of a professional contractor.

FiltaSonix.. the answer to your Kitchen Deep Cleaning

This is the time to call in FiltaSonix.

FiltaSonix are your local experts and will service your kitchen deep cleaning at a time best suited to your particular requirements.

Our trained cleaning technicians will arrive at a time best suited to you to thoroughly deep clean your kitchen and bring it up to a standard that you will be proud of.